Poor Michael Jackson, Life is So Hard

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If you have tickets for one of Michael Jackson’s 50 London shows, just be aware that he is NOT excited to be there!!

Poor thing!! He signed up to have a successful career and, for a while there, he managed to do just that! Meanwhile, in spite of all of his “ups and downs”, if you want to call them that, there are still enough people interested in seeing him to warrant 50 shows and he’s complaining about that!! Vince Neil, back in late 2001, was having to play shows in small bars in central Mississippi (I know this, because I was there) and I’m sure people of his status would LOVE to be wanted for 50 shows, especially 50 shows in one place!!

On the other hand, Michael isn’t as young as he used to be and, perhaps, there is some genuine concern for his ability to withstand such a grueling schedule. I don’t know. Whatever it is, the polite thing to have done would have been to have kept his grumbling to himself, for his fans’ sake! I’m sure those tickets weren’t cheap!!

:insert eye roll here and exit stage left: